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Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Each year, ARTBYJCON strives to produce unique events that highlight the brands grass roots in art, showcasing Javon Conaway's collection of paintings in unique environments. This process is achieved by utilizing settings and themes that participate in making the experience memorable, edgy and unconventional. With a gallery lended by New York City's Hi-ARTS, a non profit organization located on the upper east side, ARTBYJCON played with the rustic aesthetic of the space to bring a grittier theme to the overall exhibition. The artwork featured Conaway's bold and colorful works of art alongside his legacy collection of art, which took up the space's main walls. The exhibition also served as an extension for the ARTBYJCON retail concept as Conaway and team drenched the fashion side of the brand into the exhibit's story, using it as an opportunity to piece together a prototype of a bigger concept of retail/fashion for the brand in the pipelines. The fashion inspirations came from the "underground industry" with pops of bright colors layered with dark hues, reimagined vintage garments and Conaway's signature paint splatter.

The show saw the continued collaborations and partnerships from Kansas Clean Distilled Whiskey, music by Shxlton and photography from Devon Watson.

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