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Chic, urban, hipster, edgy streetwear are just a few words to describe the pieces. The apparel focuses on a few themes, one being, "art activism," (a creative way to target humanity with awareness of emotions, love, politics, justice and equality) as well as individuality and urban culture. The themes and stories on the apparel are presented through messaging emblazoned on paintings created by Javon Conaway or slogans, quotes and sayings inspired or taken directly from segments of his paintings. Often times some pieces take the brands signature logo and utilizes it as its own statement piece representing the brand as a unit in simple, yet creative and abstract ways.

ARTBYJCON often joins forces with civic minded individuals, concepts, brands and organizations utilizing their own creativity in versatile fields to represent the brand through unique and innovative collaborative efforts.

The brand has also has launched a concept - ME AGAINST SOCIETY

which dabbles in "high street" up-cycled vintage. No two pieces are exactly alike, they're salvaged, repurposed, redesigned and reimagined into a new work of art, ready to wear.

Photography: Javon Conaway


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