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Statement of Art

ARTBYJCON is a company founded by artist, Javon Conaway. A mission to fully develop the brand into a multi-faceted retailer and conceptual  platform, Javon drives the story of the brand through his vivid and emotional driven paintings​. Javon has found a way to marry many of his passions into a single entity with the birth of ARTBYJCON, leveraging art, fashion, collaborative projects, emerging artists/organizations, cuisine and events. The name itself ART-by-JCON, stands in a figurative way, reflecting that all elements associated and created by the company are all forms of ART, chosen, developed, approved and moved through the mind of Javon Conaway.

The Art:


The work of the artist isn't just meant to be something to look at and identify as a symbol of beauty, but a window into a world of culture, emotion and humanity. The world we live in is full of despair and there are times when it must be illustrated and depicted in a way that is raw and sometimes abstract. Once you connect with the message you are able to see, the bigger picture -- a picture that is real, sometimes evoking romance, broken love, pain, politics, religion and the travails of life. Through this lens, you can then appreciate its true beauty.

Each portrait is an attempt for the viewer to examine what it is that they feel. When you remove the mask you wear to the world and allow yourself to step into an emotional realm and a place of vulnerability, the art should take you on a journey to realize a story, a feeling, or a moment that evokes or provokes you in some meaningful way.


A Connecticut native raised to never give up on a dream, Conaway now resides in New York City. He's taken a magnitude of experiences and has told visual stories about them using art in its broad and multi faceted platform. Beginning at a young age practicing with more landscapes and realism, the art has transformed into visual stories that speak to the intricacies of humanity utilizing; daring, provocative and thought provoking imagery & wording. Conaway later found art to be a portal to emotional release and a way to impact the world. He specializes in acrylics & spray paint on canvas, and prides himself on being unique and eccentric. His work takes innovative inspirations from music, politics, shattered romance, a sense of community and a world in despair to ask the question: how can the world be unified, how can we get people to think, feel and hope?


Conaway understands the complexities of bringing worlds together, believing there is nothing more powerful than being able to express that in many artistic ways. 

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