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A Celebration of Art and Friendship: The annual ARTBYJCON holiday event hosted by Javon Conaway has become an eagerly anticipated event each year. The extraordinary gathering serves as a testament to the Conaway’s creative prowess and the genuine friendships he’s cultivated throughout his career. Each year the venue resides in Conaway’s home and studio built into an artistic wonderland where imagination runs wild. Guests are greeted by full size original works of art, installations, vibrant libations, eclectic music and delectable cuisine which set the stage for the immersive experience that awaits them. Every corner exudes Conaway’s signature style, leaving attendees mesmerized and inspired.

The holiday event doubles as an exhibition, showcasing Conaway’s latest masterpieces alongside some of his most iconic works. This rare opportunity to witness the evolution of his artistic journey creates a palpable sense of admiration and awe among the attendees. Conaway’s studio, usually off limits to the public, is opened exclusively for the event, enabling guests to witness the creative process first hand.

The magical gathering not only celebrates Conaway’s remarkable talent but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for community, reminding us all of the transformative power of creativity and socialization.

Photography: Eugene Haynes IV @eugenehaynesiv



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