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ART X ACTIVISM - Bridging artistry and activism

Javon Conaway, a Connecticut-native and Harlem resident, is a painter who uses his work to spark forward-thinking conversations around justice, equality, and fairness in New York City and beyond.   


Conaway created the slogan Art x Activism (pronounced Art & Activism) as a way to articulate his deeply-rooted commitment for bridging the power of art and activism to advance humanity. He hopes that this commitment will inspire the world to move, think and see activism from different viewpoints.  


In addition to being a painter, Conaway is equally passionate and skilled at leveraging photography, fashion, music and creative foods as a platform to promote the ideals encapsulated in the Art & Activism slogan. Through these various art forms, Conaway seeks to create experiences that inspire individuals to ask deeper questions of themselves and ponder new ideas to improve the state of society.

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